Dynamic Img Src URL within a DIV within Script using Javascript


I am trying to insert a dynamic url within a img src.

Below is my HTML and Script code. OnClick of a tab, I am calling a GET HTTP Method, which responds with image url. I want to use this image url with the img src field.


          <a href="#" class="tm-tab-link" data-id="hot" onclick="isValid();" id="login">Reviews</a>
        <div id="hot" class="tm-tab-content">
          <div class="tm-list">
              <div class="features_items" id="name"></div>

Script –

$("#login").on("click", function isValid() {
        url: "https://xyz.foo.net/super",
        type: 'GET',
        success: function(data) {
            var name = "";
            for(var i=0;i<=data.length-1;i++){
            name += '<div class="tm-list-item">' +
                // how to add the image url below DYNAMICALLY? 
                // how to insert data[i].img ?

              '<img src="??????????" id=image1 alt="Image" class="tm-list-item-img">' +  
                        '<div class="tm-black-bg tm-list-item-text">' +
                            '<h3 class="tm-list-item-name">' + data[i].name + '</h3>' +
                            '<p class="tm-list-item-description">' + data[i].review + '</p>' +       
                        '</div> ' +
        error: function(e) {
            alert("Refresh Page");


Sample JSON Response –

  "review":"awesome product",
  "review":"good product",

>Solution :

Use backticks ( ` ) instead of simple quotes ' or double quotes ". Backticks support string interpolation ${...} and multiline :

name += `<div class="tm-list-item">
              <img src="${data[i].img}" id="image${i}" alt="Image" class="tm-list-item-img"/>
              <div class="tm-black-bg tm-list-item-text">
                    <h3 class="tm-list-item-name">${data[i].name}</h3>
                    <p class="tm-list-item-description">${data[i].review}</p>


As @AmlKamel_ said, you can’t have the same ID multiple times in your document. By adding i to it, you make unique IDs.

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