How to set fixed colors for each value in echarts4r?

I want to plot a pie chart and give each value a fixed color. Give the e_color() function a named list does unfourtunately not work. Any suggestions?


tibble(class=c("A", "B"), n=c(34,12)) %>%
e_charts(name) %>%
e_pie(n) %>%
e_color(color = c("A" = "red", "B" = "yellow"))

Note: I use the pie chart in a shiny app where the values for class can take on different values depending on user input. Sometimes only class A occurs, sometimes A,B,C and so on, whereby the colors of the different values of class should always remain the same.

>Solution :

This should work

tibble(class=c("A", "B"), n=c(34,12)) %>%
e_charts(class) %>%
e_pie(n) %>%
e_color(color = c("red", "yellow"))

Edit: you can create a data frame with a colour for each class and depending on the value for class you will get a fixed colour

df_colours <- data.frame(class = LETTERS[1:4],
                         colours = c("red", "yellow", "blue", "green"))

df <- tibble(class=c("A", "B"), n=c(34,12))

colour <- df_colours %>%
  filter(class %in% df$class) %>%
  select(colours) %>%
  unlist() %>% 

df %>%
  e_charts(class) %>%
  e_pie(n) %>%
  e_color(color = colour)

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