Issue with access a variables value outside of a function

let dark = true;
function toggle() {
    dark = false;

if (dark = false) {
    document.getElementById("logo").src="../../img/Kevin D (White).png";
}else {
    document.getElementById("logo").src="../../img/Kevin D (Black).png";

Above is my code. Whenever I click the button the image does not go to the white version, instead it just stays black even on a black background, how would I fix this? The code is also attached to a button which would call that function

>Solution :

There are a few things to solve here:

  • You need to call the if again when the variable changes, we do this by wrapping it in a function, then calling it on load and whenever the toggle is called.
  • Toggle currently doesn’t "toggle", set the value to !dark to invert it every time.
  • The if is currently assigning the value false to the dark variable, we need to compare it instead, and since it’s already a boolean, it can simply be if (dark) {}
var dark = true;

function toggle() {
  dark = !dark; // To actually toggle the variable you need to invert the current value
  // After the variable is toggle, call the function to update the theme

function changeTheme() {
  if (dark) {
    console.log("It's dark!")
  } else {
    console.log("It's light!")

// Cal the function on load to set the initial theme

// Add an event listener to call the toggle function
document.getElementById("toggle").addEventListener("click", toggle);
<div id="toggle">Toggle</div>

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