How to find string value in javascript array of arrays

I’m new to javascript and I’m currently working off a previous question that I’m struggling to understand, where in this one I’m checking for the matching number, but I’d like to check for the string value given. I don’t fully understand this below, any help would be appreciatted.

const arr = [["posts",{text: 'hello'}], ["likes", {text: 'liked'}],["comments", {text: 'commented'}]]

const check = 1;

console.log(arr.filter(({ 1: n }) => n === check))

but I’d like to check for a string value, example check = "posts", if possible would you mind explaining as well? Much appreciated

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>Solution :

You can check reference for more info. However what I understood from your question is you are trying to achieve the following:

const arr = [
  ["posts", { text: "hello" }],
  ["likes", { text: "liked" }],
  ["comments", { text: "commented" }],
const check = "posts";

console.log(arr.filter((n) => n[0] === check));

Please also explore many other blogs for any functions you get confused in.

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