Using c#, why are the letters r and b being interpreted as HTML breaks in label text and how can I stop it?

I have some code that takes address text from a label and attempts to split that string by HTML line breaks to get each address line in a string array:

string[] straAddressLines = lbBillStreetAddress.Text.Split("<br/>".ToCharArray());

When the label contains a lower case r or b, the code is interpreting those characters as HTML breaks. So for example, if the text is "1 Albert Street", the resulting array is:

[0]: 1 Al
[1]: e
[2]: t St
[3]: eet

Since there are no HTML breaks in the string, I would expect it to be:

[0]: 1 Albert Street 

Can anyone tell me what is happening here and how I can stop that behaviour? I’ve tried HTML and URL encoding/decoding but no difference.

>Solution :

It is because you are passing a char array for Split method, so it splits the string by each character. Since you want to split by <br/> you need to pass it as a string, instead of char[]:

lbBillStreetAddress.Text.Split(new [] { "<br/>" }, StringSplitOptions.None);

If you are using .NET 5+ (or .NET Core 2+) there is a more convenient overload that just takes a string as separator:


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