Vuetify: Warning when changing theme of <v-overlay>

I am pretty new to Vue.js and it’s my first time with vuetify!

For the login component, I use a <v-overlay>, that works fine, but it is by default in dark theme. My form was white, it is now black.

I try to use dark and light like in this documentation:

when I do: <v-overlay dark="false">, it works great by I got a warning: [Vue warn]: Invalid prop: type check failed for prop "dark". Expected Boolean, got String with value "false".
Same thing when I try: <v-overlay dark=false> without quotes

Anyone know why?

thanks a lot, and have a nice day!

>Solution :

In <v-overlay dark="false">, the property dark is passed as a string.

You should use rather:

<v-overlay :dark="false">

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