How to call a method from a class given that I have the Constructor for it?

If I have a constructor object Constructor<?> productConstructor, how can I call the run() method that exists in that class?

For example, let’s say I have the class:

public class product1{
    public product1(Instances instance){
       // constructor

    public void run(){
       // do something

I can run the constructor for my class like this:

Constructor<?> productConstructor;
productConstructor = getProductConstructor(instance.getProductName());
// pass instance into constructor to run the tests
// example of what is happening here -> new product1(instance)
productConstructor.newInstance(new Object[] { instance });
public Constructor<?> getProductConstructor(String productName) {
    try {"Looking for Product Class: {}", productName);
        String fullQualifiedClassPath = "com.products." + productName;
        Class<?> clazz = Class.forName(fullQualifiedClassPath);
        return clazz.getConstructor(Instances.class);

    } catch (Exception e) {
        logger.error("Product: {} does not exist", productName);
    return null;

If I keep the code as is, then I have to place the run() method inside of the constructor to run it, but I would like the run() method outside of the constructor. How can I call my run method using the Constructor class for my class?

For example, something like this is what I had in mind but doesn’t work:

Constructor<?> productConstructor;
productConstructor = getProductConstructor(instance.getProductName());
productConstructor.newInstance(new Object[] { instance }).run(); // added .run() to the end but this doesn't work.

This doesn’t work because run is undefined. This is because I cannot call a method this way on a class that is not known until runtime. This is where my problem lies.

>Solution :

The problem is productConstructor.newInstance(new Object[] { instance }); retrieves an Object and you have to cast it to the required type product1:

((product1)productConstructor.newInstance(new Object[] { instance })).run();

Let me offer you one of my projects reflection-utils.

product1 product1 = ConstructorUtils.invokeConstructor(product1.class, Instances.class, new Instances());;

You can find more examples of how to use reflection there.

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