Golang complaining about unused variable inside for-loop

I have an unused variable inside a for-loop in golang.

I’m actually using it outside the for loop.

Goland keeps complaining about the unused variable.

How do I fix this?

var backoffSchedule = []time.Duration{
    1 * time.Second,
    3 * time.Second,
    10 * time.Second,
var response *http.Response

for _, backoff := range backoffSchedule {
    response, err := client.Do(request)
    if err == nil {
    fmt.Printf(os.Stderr, "Request error: %s", err)
    fmt.Printf(os.Stderr, "Retrying in %s", backoff)


if err != nil {
    fmt.Printf("CRITICAL: API request failed: %s", err)

if response.StatusCode <= 199 || response.StatusCode >= 300 {
    // Non-successful response, alert
    fmt.Printf("CRITICAL: APIv request returned not ok: %s", response.Status)

Unused variable error

It’s also complaining about the unreferenced variable err. How do I make them available inside the function.

>Solution :

One way to make the error disappear would be to declare an err variable outside the loop:

var err error

That way, you can assign existing variables (rather than declare new variables) inside the loop

for _, backoff := range backoffSchedule {
    response, err = client.Do(request)

Make sure this is what you want though, as response will be, outside the loop, the last value assigned in the loop.

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