How to add a counting column for specific values (as sub-select)

I have a query that I want to add a colum to. It should contain the amount of how many times a value of a specific column appears in that table.

My current attempt

SELECT cleaning.*,
        FROM cleaning
        WHERE column_b = cleaning.column_b)
        AS multicleanamount
    FROM cleaning

is counting every single row as it is just comparing a column with same column – I understand the reason.
So the current (wrong) result is

column_a column_b multicleanamount
12 300 7
13 321 7
14 300 7
15 330 7
16 330 7
17 351 7
18 330 7

What I am missing now is how do I tell the sub-Select to compare with the current value of cleaning.column_b from the very first line? (which is in the cleaning.*)

2bh it was pretty easy in my head at first and it also would be if I’d compare to a static value like '300' but that table has 74 K entries. This has to be dynamic.

My desired output is

column_a column_b multicleanamount
12 300 2
13 321 1
14 300 2
15 330 3
16 330 3
17 351 1
18 330 3

I hope that is understandable. If not please tell me and I will try to specify even more.

>Solution :

Use table aliases so you can distinguish the cleaning table in the subquery from the table in the main query. In your query, WHERE column_b = cleaning.column_b is comparing the column with itself, so the condition is always true and you’re counting all the rows.

SELECT c1.*,
        FROM cleaning AS c2
        WHERE c1.column_b = c2.column_b)
        AS multicleanamount
FROM cleaning AS c1

It may also be better to write this as a JOIN instead of correlated subquery:

SELECT c1.*, c2.multicleanamount
FROM cleaning AS c1
    SELECT column_b, COUNT(*) AS multicleanamount
    FROM cleaning
    GROUP BY column_b
) AS c2 ON c1.column_b = c2.column_b

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