substring_index() returns wrong result in MySQL

I’ve encountered a wrong return when using substring_index.
You can reproduce my data using the query below:

create schema Airport;
use Airport;

create table aircrafttype(
aircrafttypeid char(2),
aircrafttypename varchar(20),
primary key(aircrafttypeid));

create table aircraft(
aircraftid char(2),
aircraftpurdate date,
aircraftseatcap numeric(3),
aircrafttypeid char(2),
primary key(aircraftid),
foreign key(aircrafttypeid) references aircrafttype(aircrafttypeid));

create table hangar(
hangarid char(2),
hangarlocation varchar(20),
hangarstoragecap numeric(2),
primary key(hangarid));

create table serviceteam(
teamid char(2),
teamname varchar(20),
teamlevel numeric(1),
primary key(teamid));

create table service(
serviceid char(3),
servicedate date,
hangarid char(2),
aircraftid char(2),
teamid char(2),
primary key(serviceid),
foreign key(hangarid) references hangar(hangarid),
foreign key(aircraftid) references aircraft(aircraftid),
foreign key(teamid) references serviceteam(teamid));

insert into aircrafttype values ('B7','Boeing 777');
insert into aircrafttype values ('B3','Boeing 737');
insert into aircrafttype values ('B8','Boeing 787');
insert into aircrafttype values ('B6','Boeing 767');
insert into aircrafttype values ('22','Airbus 220');
insert into aircrafttype values ('31','Airbus 310');

insert into aircraft values('A1','2012-06-19',140,'B3');
insert into aircraft values('A2','2013-08-14',129,'B6');
insert into aircraft values('A3','2013-05-01',104,'B3');
insert into aircraft values('A4','2017-04-19',296,'B7');
insert into aircraft values('A5','2018-03-02',120,'B6');
insert into aircraft values('A6','2014-10-19',191,'31');
insert into aircraft values('A7','2015-10-03',198,'31');
insert into aircraft values('A8','2016-12-31',204,'22');
insert into aircraft values('A9','2017-01-01',173,'22');

insert into hangar values('H1','Sydney, NSW',7);
insert into hangar values('H2','Melbourne, VIC',22);
insert into hangar values('H3','Sydney, NSW',25);
insert into hangar values('H4','Brisbane, QLD',8);
insert into hangar values('H5','Launceston, TAS',14);

insert into serviceteam values('T1','Sydney Rabbitohs',5);
insert into serviceteam values('T2','Melbourne Rebels',3);
insert into serviceteam values('T3','Queensland Reds',5);
insert into serviceteam values('T4','Team TRU',4);

insert into service values('S1','2019-09-25','H3','A3','T1');
insert into service values('S2','2019-08-27','H2','A7','T2');
insert into service values('S3','2019-09-22','H5','A7','T4');
insert into service values('S4','2019-05-13','H5','A4','T4');
insert into service values('S5','2019-01-08','H1','A4','T1');
insert into service values('S6','2019-09-07','H4','A9','T3');
insert into service values('S7','2019-12-20','H3','A9','T1');
insert into service values('S8','2019-12-20','H4','A3','T3');
insert into service values('S9','2019-05-18','H4','A2','T3');
insert into service values('S10','2019-05-14','H3','A3','T1');
insert into service values('S11','2019-05-27','H3','A3','T1');
insert into service values('S12','2019-08-11','H3','A9','T1');
insert into service values('S13','2019-08-17','H4','A2','T3');
insert into service values('S14','2019-12-14','H4','A4','T3');
insert into service values('S15','2025-01-25','H5','A1','T4');

Now, I want to:

Print all details of the service if the aircraft has been serviced at any hangar in NSW.

So I tried using the substring_index but it gives me an empty return, which is not true. Here’s the code that I used:

select s.*, hangarlocation
from service s, hangar h
where s.hangarid = h.hangarid
and SUBSTRING_INDEX(hangarlocation, ',', -1) = 'NSW';

Can someone help me point out what is wrong here?

>Solution :

spaceNSW (which is what is returned by the substring index) is not the same as NSW either TRIM or include a space in the test

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