Numpy slicing leads to changed value

I am currently working with some python code and one piece of code keeps ruining my day:

print(img.shape) # prints (4, 64, 64, 3)
scaled = np.array(img, copy=True)                                                           
test = np.array(img, copy=True) / 255                                                                                                                                                                   
scaled[:, :, :, :3] = scaled[:, :, :, :3] / 255.0                                                                                                          
print(np.all(scaled == test)) # prints false

My problem here is that the slice operation seems to change the value of the operation. As far as I understand it, scaled and test should be the same. Am I just missing something or where exactly lies my error?

>Solution :

numpy is stricter about data types than Python. img is an integer datatype, so scaled is also an integer data type. test is created as a float data type. When you do the in-place division, it does a floating divide, then casts the result back to integer to store it in the array.

If you had printed out the two arrays, this would have been obvious.

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