Rerender every child components after parent state changes React

Hello i am currently facing this situation.
here is the simplified version of the code.

const Parent = ({prop}) => {
 const [listOfBool, setListOfBool] = useState([true, false])
 const handleCallback = (e, ev) => {
    var cloneListOfBool = [...listOfBool]
    cloneListOfBool[e] = ev
 return (
        <div>{, idx) => <Child key={idx} prop1={idx} active={bool} parentCallback={handleCallback} />)}</div>

this is the child component

const Child = ({prop1, active, parentCallback}) => {
const [active, setActive] = useState(active)
const setThis = (e) => {
    if (active === true){
        parentCallback(e, false)
    } else {
        parentCallback(e, true)

return (
        <p className={`${active === true ? 'selected' : ''}`} onClick={() => setThis(prop1)}>{prop1}</p>


prop1 is a number, i use that number to acces the array and change its value.

in the parent i set the list of boolean values, i map through them and i create the childrens. Now when the props of the parent changes, i would like to re render every child . Everything works as i want except for this part. Later on i will need to make a request to get the list of bools. Can you tell me waht is wrong, i have tried a couple of different solutions with no succes. Thank You

>Solution :

You can use key to force a react component to rerender.

So in this case if prop is the parent prop that you want to listen to, you can do something similar to:

   {, idx) => (

May I ask why you want the component to rerender on a prop it does not use? As much as possible, you should just pass that property to the child, as a setup like this implies some sort of side effect that might be hard to spot.

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