Value imported can't be changed to a number

I’m using the function importhtml() on my Google Sheets :

The data are imported but some data are displayed "01.08" and the value is a date. The other values are ok if they contains big number like 1.93. How it’s possible to change that and have only numbers and not displayed that value as a date ?
I try to change the format of the cell but the value became a number like 44455.

This is a screen of what I have

Just with the importHTML without any cell formatting

Before changing format

After I format the cell as brut text

After formatting cell

How can I have the value as a number so to display 1.08 and not 01.08 ( for Google SHeets this is a date )
Thanks a lot in advance

>Solution :

Just add a fourth parameter, which stands for locale.


This solved the problem here, since it turns the decimal points into commas, not allowing GS to interpret it as date format.

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