Attribute error trying to create a dataframe that includes nodes' degree

I’d need to create a dataframe having two columns, one for nodes and the other one for their degree.
I calculated the degree of each node as : d = dict(
where G is G = nx.from_pandas_edgelist(tf, 'N', 'T').

tf is

N   T 
name1 name 
name2 name1
name4 name2

The output from d is

'name1': 9,
 'name2': 1,
 'name3': 1,
 'name4': 1, ...}

I wrongly tried to convert it into a dataframe as follows

degree=pd.DataFrame.from_dict(data, orient='index', columns=['N', 'Degree'])

but I have got the error ValueError: 2 columns passed, passed data had 300 columns.

>Solution :

If I understood it correctly, you want the following

data = {'name1': 9, 'name2': 1, 'name3': 1, 'name4': 1}

df = pd.DataFrame(data.items(), columns=['N', 'Degree'])


>>> df 

       N  Degree
0  name1       9
1  name2       1
2  name3       1
3  name4       1

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