Traversing trough array of objects in javascript

I’m kinda new in JavaScript, I know that there are different ways how to traverse array of objects, but I found a tutorial and didn’t get this ${} part. Code is:

let personData = [
  { name: "Dylan", age: 31 },
  { name: "Hannah", age: 17 },
  { name: "Dollan", age: 39 },
  { name: "Elle", age: 3 },

function loadTableData(personData) {
  for (let person of personData) {
    dataHtml += `<tr><td>${}</td><td>${person.age}</td></tr>`;

I tried to understand what exactly is happening so I put `${}` to console and I get "undefined" = $3 My question is, why this works fine within for loop, but in console I’m getting undefined?

>Solution :

From your example, personData is the array of objects, to access each item you access it inside the loop with a local variable person. Console will log undefined for ${} instead you can access an item of the array through index, try this ${personData[0].name} which will print the vale of name property in your first item.

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