"Unable to infer type of a closure parameter 'b' in the current context". Getting this error while calling the function


getting error while calling the function.

func hitService<T : Codable>(urlS: String , completion : @escaping (T) -> Void) {
    guard let url = URL(string: urlS) else {return}
    let session = URLSession.shared
    let _ = session.dataTask(with: url) { dt, resp, err in
        let decoder = JSONDecoder()
        if let d = dt {
            do {
                let obj = try decoder.decode(T.self, from: d)
            } catch {print(error.localizedDescription)}

calling function like this and getting error on it.
I’ve tried passing a data type inside <> as well.

 hitService(urlS: urlStr) { b in

>Solution :

The generic function relies on you specifying a type when it’s called so it can infer the types it uses.

In this case you’ll need to supply the type of the closure parameter b i.e.

hitService(urlS: urlStr) { (b: MyType) in

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