using socket how to broadcast message to specific users who has role_id = 1


Using Socket and node express i want to send a
message to all users who has role_id 1
but whenever i broadcast message all users receive it.

// let suppose this is message
let Message = 'hello all users'
//socket code
socket.emit('message', Message);

//but i want to send message to below users.
// I am not a good programmer and i am new to socket.

//during user login time i return this 
if (login == true) {
  user.status = 'Online';

status has nothing with message.
its just updating user status

>Solution :

//first of all join user to room if has role id 1
//during user login time i return this 
let role_room_id = 1;
if (login == true) {
  user.status = 'Online';

///then emit message in that room'message', Message);

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