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I have just spent the better part of an hour searching for ways to send a button with a message using Discord.Net. In one of their recent merges with Discord.Net-Labs, they said they added a bunch of things, including buttons. However, checking both of their documentation, I couldn’t find any way to add a button to a message. I would appreciate an example and/or link to an example of attaching buttons. Thanks :>

>Solution :

It looks like there is documentation here

Example from the above link:

public async Task Spawn()
    var builder = new ComponentBuilder()
        .WithButton("label", "custom-id");

    await ReplyAsync("Here is a button!", components: builder.Build());

To receive an event when someone interacts with a button, you can subscribe to DiscordSocketClient.ButtonExecuted. The handler for this event takes a SocketMessageComponent object as an argument.

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