How to prevent npm run lint from fixing errors automatically?

I created a Vue3 app using the Vue CLI with a Prettier/Eslint setup. When modifying the main.ts file to

import { createApp } from "vue";
import App from "./App.vue";
import router from "./router";


and run npm run serve I get the following warning

6:15 warning Delete prettier/prettier

as expected. Running npm run lint fixes it. But wich flag is required to only check for the style?

I have a Github action workflow checking the code style and using npm run lint is wrong because the workflow fixes the code style and passes.

When searching for a flag I run npx vue-cli-service help lint which tells me to use --no-fix

enter image description here

but running npm run lint --no-fix it still fixes the file

enter image description here

So which command should I use inside my Github action to ensure the workflow fails on invalid code style?

>Solution :

You have to use a double dash before your arguments, so use npm run lint -- --no-fix with -- as extra prefix instead of npm run lint --no-fix. See also this answer.

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