How to extract only the first sentence from the dictionary?

I’m trying to create a game in python called "Save the girl"
One man will kidnap a girl and will keep him in his place and ask money from her family.

To reach his place he will ask three questions. First he will ask one question and if they answer it then he will give a clue to reach his place.

For this I’m storing all the questions and answer in a form of dictionary


Quiz_dict={"What did the Romans call Scotland?":"Japan","Which company makes the Galaxy 
              series of smartphones?":"Samsung"}

Now I just want the first question from the dictionary. How to do that??

I gave the command like

keys = "".join(list(Quiz_dict.keys()))

But the output was the first letter of the first question (ie.W).
Please help me out

>Solution :


should serve the purpose

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