How to mirror path in flutter?

So i have a code that paints path at container.

 void paintWithPattern(
      Canvas canvas, double x, double y, double width, double height) {
    final maxDimension = max(width, height);
    final stripeW = maxDimension / featuresCount / 6;
    var step = stripeW * 9;
    final paint = Paint() = PaintingStyle.fill
      ..color = bgColor;
    canvas.drawRect(Rect.fromLTWH(x, y, width, height), paint);
    final rectStripesCount =
        featuresCount * 2.5; // to make sure we cover the whole rectangle
    final allStripesPath = Path();
    for (var i = 1; i < rectStripesCount; i += 2) {
      final stripePath = Path();
      stripePath.moveTo(x - stripeW + step, y);
      stripePath.lineTo(x + step, y);
      stripePath.lineTo(x, y + step);
      stripePath.lineTo(x - stripeW, y + step);
      step += stripeW * 9;
    paint = PaintingStyle.fill
      ..color = fgColor;
    canvas.drawPath(allStripesPath, paint);

The result of the code painting on container is below
enter image description here

How can I made it, so it’s mirrored by Y axis?
like on picture below enter image description here

>Solution :

You can do that with negative scaling and translation (to correct position), like this for Y axis:

canvas.scale(1, -1);
canvas.translate(0, -height);
canvas.drawPath(allStripesPath, paint);

For X axis:

canvas.scale(-1, 1);
canvas.translate(-width, 0);
canvas.drawPath(allStripesPath, paint);


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