Split array of strings into more arrays of strings?

Hello so what I want to do is split array of names into more arrays of names and each arrays element joined together should be smaller than specific amount of characters and none of the strings should be split in half. if it needs to be split in half then move it to the next array.
so an example would be.

Input: arr: ["george","ben","bob","alex","robert"] amount_of_characters: 10

Output: [["george","ben"],["bob","alex"],["robert"]]

>Solution :

const arr = ["george","ben","bob","alex","robert"];
const amount_of_characters = 10;
const result = [];
let sumChars = 0;

for (let i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) {
  const word = arr[i];
  if (word.length + sumChars > amount_of_characters) {
    sumChars = 0;
  else {
    !result.length ? result.push([word]) : result[result.length - 1].push(word);
  sumChars += word.length;


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