Bluetooth mouse Logitech M535 stopped working, it appears and disappers in a list of available devices in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

My bluetooth mouse Logitech M535 stopped working suddenly in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and I can’t connect to it anymore. I removed it from a list of Bluetooth devices in blueman and tried to search for it and add again back in hope it will help to solve the issue. Unfortunately, each time I click a mouse button to make it discoverable by operating system it appears in the list of available devices and then disappears immediately like shown in the picture:

bluetooth mouse logitech m535 is not discoverable anymore

I also tried to pair the mouse on another PC with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS — the same result. Another interesting thing that after the issue occurred I booted into Windows 10 where my mouse hadn’t worked previously and…it started to work there. Not sure that it might be related but it seems very weird.

I don’t know what I can do and which logs to check in order to state what the problem is. Looking for similar questions on bluetooth mouse issues wasn’t not really helpful. That’s why I am asking for help.

These are outputs of a couple commands related to bluetooth adapters, I guess:

$ rfkill list
0: phy0: Wireless LAN
    Soft blocked: no
    Hard blocked: no
1: hci0: Bluetooth
    Soft blocked: no
    Hard blocked: no
$ hciconfig --all
hci0:   Type: Primary  Bus: USB
    BD Address: BC:17:B8:CB:91:8D  ACL MTU: 1021:4  SCO MTU: 96:6
    RX bytes:49836 acl:128 sco:0 events:4404 errors:0
    TX bytes:781983 acl:128 sco:0 commands:3696 errors:0
    Features: 0xbf 0xfe 0x0f 0xfe 0xdb 0xff 0x7b 0x87
    Packet type: DM1 DM3 DM5 DH1 DH3 DH5 HV1 HV2 HV3 
    Link policy: RSWITCH SNIFF 
    Link mode: SLAVE ACCEPT 
    Name: 'merisa'
    Class: 0x1c010c
    Service Classes: Rendering, Capturing, Object Transfer
    Device Class: Computer, Laptop
    HCI Version: 5.1 (0xa)  Revision: 0x100
    LMP Version: 5.1 (0xa)  Subversion: 0x100
    Manufacturer: Intel Corp. (2)

UPDATE: 2022-01-04

I started the system from live USB (Kubuntu 20.04.3 LTS), installed Blueman:

sudo apt install blueman

and was able to discover the mouse on the third attempt and pair it. So now I am updating the answer from live session with working mouse:

working bluetooth mouse in live usb session

Does it mean that something is broken in Bluetooth configuration of my existing operating system?

This is what I’ve got from live session:

$ sudo cat /var/lib/bluetooth/BC\:17\:B8\:CB\:91\:8D/34\:88\:5D\:AF\:FB\:85/info
Name=Bluetooth Mouse M336/M337/M535



>Solution :

I guess, it must be obvious to anyone who’s using Bluetooth mouse for half of year or so like me…but I was able to make the mouse discoverable after my experiments in live session just by clicking Bluetooth button at the bottom of the mouse. Since then it remains in the list of available devices constantly and I can connect it easily.

enter image description here

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