set default scanner for skanlite

Every time I run skanlite it searches for all available scanners, and presents me with a list. I want to set my Brother_MFC_L2710DW_series as the default scanner so I don’t have to go through this process every time.

The skanlite handbook
says to use skanlite -d [device name] in a terminal but that just brings up the scanner search box, it doesn’t permanently set the default scanner.

The command I ran:skanlite -d Brother_MFC_L2710DW_series

lpstat -a shows:

Brother_MFC_L2710DW_series accepting requests since Sun 02 Jan 2022 12:55:07 AM IST
HP_Officejet_Pro_6830_C9CB08_ accepting requests since Sun 02 Jan 2022 12:55:07 AM IST

lpstat -s shows:

system default destination: Brother_MFC_L2710DW_series
device for Brother_MFC_L2710DW_series: implicitclass://Brother_MFC_L2710DW_series/
device for HP_Officejet_Pro_6830_C9CB08_: implicitclass://HP_Officejet_Pro_6830_C9CB08_/

I am running Kubuntu 21.10

>Solution :

A possible solution:

The scanners being searched for are determined by the contents of /etc/sane.d/dll.conf and /etc/sane.d/dll.d/. Deleting or commenting out entries will speed up the search process and prevent a scanner being displayed.

This may suit you if you are concerned only with using the Brother scanner.

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