history.push not working open in new tab in react


I am new to react js and I am a self-learner. I need to pass some data with my react route and access this data on another side…So I used useHistory() hook to accomplish my task. But now I have some errors. I can only route with mouse click event only. I can’t route using open in new tab or my mouse wheel. I have no idea what’s going on with my code. So Anyone can help me with that…Thank you.

  const sendPixelData = () => {
      pathname: `product/${product._id}`,
      state: { detail: product },

 <Link onClick={sendPixelData}> Do some logic and other thing  </Link>

>Solution :

A Link component from react-router should not have an onClick parameter but follow the props needed according to the documentation:


If you want to pass data you can use the following syntax:

  pathname: `product/${product._id}`,
  state: { detail: product },

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