How do I submit an issue in Python dev docs


I noticed an error at:


The AST to CFG step is handled mostly by two functions called by
_PyAST_Compile(); _PySymtable_Build() and compiler_mod(). The former is in Python/symtable.c while the latter is in Python/compile.c.

should read:

The AST to CFG step is handled mostly by THREE functions called
by _PyAST_Compile(); _PySymtable_Build() and compiler_mod(). …

I poked around the devguide and found, but it was not immediately clear how to highlight a quick item without becoming a contributor.

I looked for a Python community page to get help, but could not quickly find one.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can share the typo with the community without having to become a contributor, or of a better forum than stack to do find out?

>Solution :

If you go to the "V: Latest" link at the bottom right of the page you linked, and go to GitHub -> Edit, you’ll be taken to this page:

Which says:

You need to fork this repository to propose changes.
Sorry, you’re not able to edit this repository directly—you need to fork it and propose your changes from there instead.

So, you can fork the repo, make the correction, then submit a pull request with your proposed changes.

Or, as was pointed out in a comment, the documentation you linked has a page which says that you can file it as an issue on the repo’s issues page.

Of course, verify that you’re raising a valid issue before submitting it so you don’t waste the devs’ time. A few comments on your post pointed out that the issue you think is there is not actually an issue at all.

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