useEffect to check for update of useState

I have a problem that useState whenever is updated calls previous value
Is there any way to use useEffect to check it for update?

  const [thisButtomSelected, setThisButtomSelected] = useState({
    thisVal: 0,
    thisIndex: 0,
   const onClick = e => {  
    setThisButtomSelected({ thisVal: e.currentTarget.value, thisIndex: });

  <li id="list" key={}>
      className={isEqual(thisButtomSelected, { thisVal: item.value, thisIndex: index }) 
        ? 'button-selected' : 'button'

>Solution :

Your question is not really clear about what you want to do, but having useEffect be aware of state change could be done like so :

 // do things


The function inside useEffect will get executed whenever thisButtomSelected changes and also when the component render the first time.

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