Cors not allowed while using Axios

Hey I was working with fetch a normal fetch to request my API in my server, and It was working, but I found out that Axios is easier, so I tried to replace every fetch, but it looks like xhr doesn’t work because of cors,

I already allowed cors when I was working with fetch, but for some reason cors is not allowed for xhr (Axios) requests

here is Axios defaults:

import axios from "axios"
import store from "@/store"
import { getLocalStorage } from "@/services/"

axios.defaults.baseURL = store.getters.getData("serverLink")
axios.defaults.withCredentials = true

axios.defaults.headers.common["Authorization"] = `Bearer ${getLocalStorage("access_token")} ${getLocalStorage("refresh_token")}`

and here is how I use Axios:

function fetchF(link, body, method) {
    return new Promise(async (resolve, reject) => {
        axios[method.toLowerCase()](link, body)
            .then(rsp => {
                setLocalStorage("access_token", rsp.access_token);
                setLocalStorage("refresh_token", rsp.refresh_token);
            }).catch(error => {
                setLocalStorage("access_token", "");
                setLocalStorage("refresh_token", "");
                store.dispatch("changeData", {
                    option: "alertEl",
                    value: "Please log in, and try again",
                return resolve({ isSuccess: false, err: "Please log in, and try again" });

and here is how I enabled cors on the server-side:

    credentials: true,

here is the error:
error in the network page

>Solution :

This is an error with your server, because for every request, a preflight request is sent before the actual one..

And from the error ‘PreflightWildcardOriginNotAllowed’ basically means that in your server configurations you have the list of domains set to the wildcard ‘*’

So just change your cors options in the server for ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ to your domain instead of ‘*’

And if your server has it’s own way of handling preflight requests, which are basically requests sent with ‘OPTIONS’, you can set the domains handled by that to your domain

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