How to use the useState() with specific strings ("this" | "that")

I am trying to use the useState in React-native with TypeScript and want to use specific strings that can be used in a component. How can I do this?

I have this:

const [getViewState, setViewState] = useState();
<Icon name={getViewState} size={25} color={COLORS.light_gray}></Icon>

type props = {
  style?: StyleProp<ImageStyle>;
  name: "add" | "check" | "down" | "home" | "lock" | "right" | "search" | "settings" | "user" | "grid" | "list";
  size: number;
  color: string;
  onPress?: Function;

>Solution :

If I’ve understood what you’re trying to do, above where you’ve written the type for your Icon component’s props, you can separate out the string type:

type IconName = 'add' | 'check' | 'down' // etc.

interface IconProps {
  name: IconName
  size: number
  // etc.

And then, you can pass a type parameter to your useState call

const [name, setName] = useState<IconName>('add')

<Icon name={name} size={25} color={COLORS.light_gray} />

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