Sort a list of lists using descending order, and then if there is a tie breaker, use descending order on another index in python

master_list = [["Hi", 2.00],["Hey", 6.01],["Hello", 9.56], ["How", 6.01]]
master_list.sort(key=lambda x: -(x[1], -x[0]))

I tried using this function to sort the master_list in descending order by the number, and if there is a tie, descending order by the string.
However, I get the error "TypeError: bad operand type for unary -: ‘str’
I don’t know what I am doing wrong to get this error. How do I sort the list?

>Solution :

It is because you are applying a negation (-) on a tuple a string. Using sorted function, you can use reverse=True to sort the array in descending order.

sorted(master_list, key=lambda x: (x[1], x[0]), reverse=True) 

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