Selenium vs Cypress for tests that hit databases, elasticsearch, filesystem, etc

I am getting ready to start a new automation project and have done some reading on Cypress as a Selenium alternative. Given that Cypress apparently runs directly in the browser as opposed to Selenium’s approach, is it difficult to perform test steps with Cypress tests that fall outside the browser such as communicating with a data store, interacting with services and interacting with product infrastructure such as remote file systems? With my limited exposure to Cypress, I have only seen browser tests so I was hoping someone could shed some light on this.

>Solution :

If you need access to things outside the browser, I would go with selenium. This is what I currently do, I have a webdriver wrapper which has "plugins" loaded so that I can make db statements, query the webserver and additionally issue selenium commands to the browser.

If you’re looking for just test 100% within the browser, then cypress may be the way to go.

Alternatively, you could use selenium for workflow tests and cypress or even qunitjs for intra-browser unit tests.

In the app I work on, I actually ship a page which contains a qunit page with all of the in-browser tests. Then in a selenium test, in addition to the rest of the workflow, I browser to the qunit page and report on their status as well.

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