How to sort JSON in rust?

Is it possible to sort JSON in rust language? If it is possible then how?

Like this one:

const headers = {
  'checkout-account': '1234',
  'checkout-algorithm': 'sha256',
  'checkout-method': 'POST',
  'checkout-nonce': '564635208570151',
  'checkout-timestamp': '2018-07-06T10:01:31.904Z',

const calculateHmac = (body=false, params) => {
  const hmacPayload = Object.keys(params)
    .map((key) => [key, params[key]].join(':'))
    .concat(body ? JSON.stringify(body) : '')

calculateHmac(false, headers);

>Solution :

More or less the same code in Rust:

use itertools::Itertools;
use std::collections::HashMap;

fn main() {
    let headers = HashMap::from([
        ("checkout-account", "1234"),
        ("checkout-algorithm", "sha256"),
        ("checkout-method", "POST"),
        ("checkout-nonce", "564635208570151"),
        ("checkout-timestamp", "2018-07-06T10,01,31.904Z"),

    let hmac_payload = headers
        .map(|key| format!("{}:{}", key, headers[key]))


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