Git pull issue: where is the URL stored GIT goes for performing his pull requests?

Generally my GIT extensions application is working fine, but when I’m working with a VPN, I get into this problem, while trying to pull my Module-Solution:

"git" pull --rebase --progress "origin"
fatal: unable to access 'http://git.Server_URL/Git_Server/Module-Solution.git/':
Could not resolve host: git.Server_URL

Press Enter or Esc to exit...

This is due to the fact that, while working with a VPN, git.Server_URL is not found.

I would like to know where git.Server_URL is configured and what about the Git_Server?
For your information: while working with git bash I get exactly the same error.

>Solution :

You can inspect the configured URLs for your remotes with git remote -v show or get them with git remote get-url and update them with git remote set-url

The configuration is stored in the per-repository configuration file .git/config, see git config.

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