Kotlin "variable expected" error when doing assignment to Array element

I’m writing the following nested function where dfsVisit uses the arrays "numCaminos" and "colores" declared in the outer function
enter image description here

However the kotlin compiler is giving me a "variable expected" error on the assignments in lines 31 and 34 specifically, this error doesn’t show up on any of the other Array assignments within the nested dfsVisit function. I tried de-nesting the functions and passing the arrays as arguments of dfsVisit but the problem persisted on those 2 assignments specifically. Why could this be happening?

I’m running the Kotlin compiler in Manjaro Linux through the repository package

Note: Sorry for using a picture instead of a code block, the post editor was giving me some formatting issues.

>Solution :

Just remove !! from the left side of the assignment. It doesn’t really make sense there.

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