Python Remove Additional & in the end whilst generating a query string


I am constructing a query string for pandas and appending & at the end of each condition

So, for example if I have condition1, condition2, condition3 my query would be generated as: "condition1 & condition2 & condition3 &"

I am using json to provide flexibility to the user to specify condition and then read json:

    {"scenario": "123-456-222",  
          "key": "field1",
          "value": "condition1"
          "key": "field2",
          "value": "condition2"
          "key": "field3",
          "value": "condition3"

Next, I use python’s final_condition[:-1] to remove the redundant & in the end.

Wondering if there’s a better way to organise this code.

test_str = "field1=condition1 & field2=condition2 & field3=condition3 &"

>Solution :

You can use str.join to put the ampersands between the operands:

args = ["statement 1", "statement 2",  "statement 3"]
output = " & ".join(args)
# statement 1 & statement 2 & statement 3

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