voice_channel.join() is not a function in creating music bot for discord.js v13

I was coding a new music command for my discord bot and when I use -play {url}, I get an error. The error is: voice_channel.join is not a function.

I checked some websites including Stack Overflow but I did not find any useful solution. I want to update this code from discord.js v12 to discord.js v13. The code:

const ytdl = require('ytdl-core');
const ytSearch = require('yt-search');

// pair in this map. { guild.id, queue_constructor{} }
const queue = new Map();

module.exports = {
    name: 'play',
    aliases: ['skip', 'stop'],
    cooldown: 0,
    description: 'Advanced music bot',
    async execute(message,args, cmd, client, Discord){

        const voice_channel = message.member.voice.channel;
        if (!voice_channel) return message.channel.send('You need to be in a channel to execute this command!');
        const permissions = voice_channel.permissionsFor(message.client.user);
        if (!permissions.has('CONNECT')) return message.channel.send('You dont have the correct permissins');
        if (!permissions.has('SPEAK')) return message.channel.send('You dont have the correct permissins');

        const server_queue = queue.get(message.guild.id);

        if (cmd === 'play'){
            if (!args.length) return message.channel.send('You need to send the second argument!');
            let song = {};

            if (ytdl.validateURL(args[0])) {
                const song_info = await ytdl.getInfo(args[0]);
                song = { title: song_info.videoDetails.title, url: song_info.videoDetails.video_url }
            } else {
                const video_finder = async (query) =>{
                    const video_result = await ytSearch(query);
                    return (video_result.videos.length > 1) ? video_result.videos[0] : null;

                const video = await video_finder(args.join(' '));
                if (video){
                    song = { title: video.title, url: video.url }
                } else {
                     message.channel.send('Error finding video.');

            if (!server_queue){

                const queue_constructor = {
                    voice_channel: voice_channel,
                    text_channel: message.channel,
                    connection: null,
                    songs: []
                queue.set(message.guild.id, queue_constructor);
                try {
                    const connection = await voice_channel.join();
                    queue_constructor.connection = connection;
                    video_player(message.guild, queue_constructor.songs[0]);
                } catch (err) {
                    message.channel.send('There was an error connecting!');
                    throw err;
            } else{
                return message.channel.send(`👍 **${song.title}** added to queue!`);

        else if(cmd === 'skip') skip_song(message, server_queue);
        else if(cmd === 'stop') stop_song(message, server_queue);

I am using discord.js v13 and node.js 16.
vs code

>Solution :

Voice support is moved to a new library in v13. You will need to install it by running npm i @discordjs/voice in your console.

Then, you can import the joinVoiceChannel method from it on the top of your file:

const { joinVoiceChannel } = require('@discordjs/voice');

Once it’s imported, you can replace voice_channel.join() with the following to create a connection:

const connection = joinVoiceChannel({
  channelId: voice_channel.id,
  guildId: voice_channel.guild.id,
  adapterCreator: voice_channel.guild.voiceAdapterCreator,

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