Store and retrieve colors in firestore flutter


I want to be able to store and use user selected text and background colors in firestore. I’ve tried storing them as strings and ints but the problem I run into is trying to use future< int> in Color() isn’t accepted and future< String> isn’t accepted in the "color:" parameter.

Right now I’m getting the hex value and storing it in firestore:

String hexColor() {
    late String c;
    if (BayTextColorController.selected.value == "Amber") {
      c = '0xFFFFAB40';
    } else if (BayTextColorController.selected.value == "Black") {
      c = '0xFF000000';
    return c;

How I’ve tried using ints:

    Future<int> bay56TextColor(DocumentSnapshot snapshot) async {
      String s = await snapshot.get('bay56TextColor');
      late int c = int.parse(s);
      return c;

I’m trying to color the user submitted text from this future builder:

       future: bay56(!),
       builder: (context, snapshot) {
       if (snapshot.hasData) {
          return Text(
            ' ' + + ' ',
               style: TextStyle(
                  color:,  //Color goes here
                  backgroundColor: Colors.white));  //and here

Is there a way to incorporate multiple futures into one future builder?

I should note that my text is from one field and I’m saving the colors in another field in the same document.

>Solution :

Store color in this format.


Get color using this method

class HexColor extends Color {
  static int _getColorFromHex(String hexColor) {
    hexColor = hexColor.toUpperCase().replaceAll("#", "");
    if (hexColor.length == 6) {
      hexColor = "FF" + hexColor;
    return int.parse(hexColor, radix: 16);

  HexColor(final String hexColor) : super(_getColorFromHex(hexColor));


color: HexColor(color code is here)

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