Split Python list field into two and leave them in place

How would you split a field in Python and then leave the two fields side by side in the list? Is there a command to use asides from .split()? Or would it make more sense to write a function that does this? How would it be done across multiple lists

Performance is not a major concern. Below is an example of what I’m trying to accomplish.

Edit: I don’t mind using split(), I just wanted to know how something like this could be implemented.

List before formatting

['Intel', 'Core', 'i5-4210Y', '@', '1.50GHz', '(20%)', '998', 'N']

List after formatting

['Intel', 'Core', 'i5', '4210Y', '@', '1.50GHz', '(20%)', '998', 'N']

>Solution :

Here is one way to do so, using list comprehension and split():

data = ['Intel', 'Core', 'i5-4210Y', '@', '1.50GHz', '(20%)', '998', 'N']

new_data = [element for item in data for element in item.split("-")]
print(new_data)  # ['Intel', 'Core', 'i5', '4210Y', '@', '1.50GHz', '(20%)', '998', 'N']

The equivalent with for loops would be:

new_data = []
for item in data:
    for element in item.split("-"):
print(new_data)  # ['Intel', 'Core', 'i5', '4210Y', '@', '1.50GHz', '(20%)', '998', 'N']

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