Fail during startup if unknown properties are defined?

I am using spring boot configuration properties with an optional property:

public class MyProperties {

    List<String> optional = new ArrayList(); // optional property

    // getters/setters

I want my application to fail during startup when there is a property defined in my application.yml which is NOT defined in my properties class, since this might be caused by a typo and therefore to prevent mistakes when configuring applications. e.g:

      - foo
      - bar

Is this possible, for example by setting a flag?

>Solution :

You can set ignoreUnknownFields to false on the @ConfigurationProperties annotation (@ConfigurationProperties(value = "foo", ignoreUnknownFields = false)).

If you would, an exception would be thrown when there is no corresponding field on the java class for a property (like the optional2 propery in your example).


The @ConfigurationProperties provide an optional element ignoreUnknownFields using which you can ignore or throw errors for the unknown fields during binding the properties.

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