How to extract result inside subscribe block while using two concatmap inside pipe in rxjs Angular


I have a code like following:$
                (isLoggedInApp: boolean) =>
                        ? of(true).pipe(
                                concatMap(() =>,
                                concatMap(( partyId ) => this.loginService.getLendingType(partyId))
                        : of(false).pipe(finalize(() => this.router.navigateByUrl('login'))) //// TODO: needs refactoring, investigate routing
        .subscribe((result) => {
            //this log prints {"lendingType": "LendingPartner","partyId": "64f9f398-3a79-48d6-b4b7-89d41ccedb3b"}

in the above code my problem is, I want to access the result of the call getLendingType(partyId). Here is my code for getLendingType(partyId)

  public getLendingType(partyId: string): Observable<{ lendingType: string, partyId: string }> {
return this.customerService.getCustomer(partyId).pipe(
    map((customer: ICustomer) => {
      return { lendingType: customer.LendingType, partyId: partyId } ;

So the getLendingType returning me two value. So here problem is, I cannot access these two values inside subscribe block. However, when I am returning only one value for example just lendingType I can able to access it inside subscribe block. To be specific, I am actually getting those two value inside the subscribe block as you can see in log prints. However I dont know how to access them. If I hover over the result in my visual code it shows me the result consist of one boolean and one object like the following image.

I have tried result.lendingType or result[‘lendingType’] which throwing me compiler error as result is a complex object like the image shown. In this case what is the way to access this two value.

Thank you in advance.

>Solution :

You could build in a type check like that:

if (typeof result !== "boolean"){

Typescript is now smart enough to know that result can no longer be of type boolean.

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