Auto Complete Not Working In New Visual Studio 2022 For UNITY

So I have had visual studio 2019 and I used it with unity. I needed to delite it and reinstall it becouse of somthing and when I reinstalld it I installed new 2022 version. Ever since auto complete isn’t working.

I have downloaded the "Game development with Unity" modifyer and selected Visual Studio Community 2022 in unity preferences but it still isn’t working.

Does anyone have an idea what is wrong maby?

>Solution :

there are 2 fixes that I think will help you:

  1. You need to enable IntelliSense by opening Tools -> Options -> Search for Intellisense, and head over to the C# Section and enable features like Show completion list after a character is typed.
    Options window
  2. For good practice, you should also install the C# packages for Visual Studio 2022.
    visual studio installer add c# package

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