jq use any() / all() to check if certain 'key' exists and returns a bool (true/false) as one final result

I want to use jq to check if a ‘keyword’ exists as a json ‘key’ in all paths(any level), here is what I came up with:

jq -c 'paths | select(.[-1]) as $p| index("headline") //empty' news.json

The output is in an array format:


I want to map the output array to jq function any() and get an ‘overall’ result as ‘true'(if key exists) or ‘false’ if no such key exists
How can I get that done with jq ?

>Solution :

Provide any with an iterator and a condition

jq 'any(paths; .[-1] == "headline")'

You can also provide the -e (or --exit-status) option to have an exit status of 0 if the result was true, and 1 if the result was false, which can immediately be used for further processing in the shell.

jq -e 'any(paths; .[-1] == "headline")'

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