Usage of import('something') vs. import from 'something'

I came across the following from MDN:

var promise = import("module-name");

Is this deprecated, or when would that ever be used? I’m only familiar with the syntax of:

import promise from 'module-name';

>Solution :

The following is a static import:

import module from "module-name";

It’s statically resolved, before any code is executed.

This is a dynamic import:

const promise = import("module-name");

The reason why it’s named promise is because import(...) returns a promise that resolves to the imported module (errors if module not found).

So you can use it like this:

import("my-mod").then((myMod) => {

Or the more preferred async/await syntax:

const myMod = await import("my-mod");


Dynamic imports are executed and resolved at runtime which is why you must wait for it to complete. They’re commonly used for code-splitting, lazy loading, or importing modules when needed (plugins could be an example).

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