Error when using Flutter "list":: Field 'students' should be initialized because its type 'List<Student>' doesn't allow null

I’m new to flutter and I ran into a problem while writing on my own computer because my instructor was using an old version.

class StudentAdd extends StatefulWidget {
 List<Student> students;
 StudentAdd(List<Student> students){

Error: Field ‘students’ should be initialized because its type
‘List’ doesn’t allow null.

I am getting the above error and could not fix it. As far as I looked through the documents, I couldn’t find any results.

StudentAdd(List students){

I get an error where I bold it and the error I get is: Non-nullable instance field ‘students’ must be initialized.

>Solution :

initialize ot as empty list instead of leaving it with null value

List<Student> students = <Student>[];

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