Learning SQL, trying to figure out how to get a gender count

I’m learning SQL and one of the questions that got thrown at me in my solo study suddenly is to write a script in order to count how many of each gender is in the client table,

ClientID `First Name` `Last Name` Gender ID `Birth Date`

1         Sally        Fields     1          03/05/2000

2         Hannah       Montana    1          02/20/1989

3         Bart         Simpson    2          02/03/1966

4         Michael      Jordan     2          05/02/1970

5         Glennon      Doyle      1          NULL

6         Lulu         Jenkins    1          09/30/2001


ID `Gender Description`

1   Female

2   Male

I’m still very new to this so I’m stumped… the furthest I’ve gotten is:

u.GenderID     Gender,

I’m not sure of where to go from there… the stuff I’m studying went from 1-100 really fast and I’m totally lost lol. Any guidance would be much appreciated!

>Solution :

Assuming you want to return the gender name and a count of each, simply join your two tables and aggregate, grouping by the gender description and counting the rows that belong to each grouping:

select g.`Gender Description`, Count(*) GenderCount
from client c
join gender g on g.id = c.GenderId
group by g.`Gender Description`;

Note the use of short meaningful aliases makes the query more compact and easy to read at a glance.

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