Replace element from first array by another element of second array


I am having this issue replacing element from first array by another element of second array.

For exapmle if I have one array haiving some empty values and string like this:

let array_1 = [empty, 'Connected', empty, 'Connected', 'Connected'];

And another new array will be like this:

let array_2 = [empty, 'Updated'];

So, New updated array with replaced element will look like this:

newArray = [empty, 'Updated', empty, 'Connected', 'Connected'];

I tried with for loop and by using findIndexof, but could not replace the element with exact index address.

One of them which worked for me partially is:

console.log(Object.values(...array_1, ...array_2));

Out of above line is just one array with one element, not reast of element from array_1:


But it seems like Obejct.values() does not work with element generated as a empty.

Any possible solution on this would be great!

>Solution :

If I understood it properly you can solve it by using map function like this:

let array_1 = [undefined, "Connected", undefined, "Connected", "Connected"];
let array_2 = [undefined, "Updated"];

const res =, idx) => {
  return array_2[idx] || val;

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