Access a json field in python

Im using a get request in python

x = requests.get(url, headers = ... ) 

and the result im getting is

'organization': {
'id': '6', 
'name': 'TestPostman', 
'displayName': 'TestPostman', 
'canHaveGateways': True, 
'maxGatewayCount': 0, 
'maxDeviceCount': 0
'createdAt': '2022-05-10T18:07:49.327175Z', 
'updatedAt': '2022-05-10T19:44:09.667978Z'

How can i access any of the organization’s fields ?
I tried x.organizzation[‘id’] but does not work .

>Solution :

If you want to access the ID in the Organization try this:

x = x.json()

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