Exception caught by widgets library null check to xfile to file


When I build after changing Xfile to file, it says null check operator user on a null value, but I don’t know what the problem is

The code is too long, so I’ll just write the gist

please help me……

XFile? _imageFile; 
File file = File(_imageFile!.path); 

>Solution :

  1. Are you picking any file in XFile or just declaring it?
    Then of course you’re going to get null value

Add a check when you’ve picked a file from user

XFile? imageFile;
imageFile = //Your File Picking logic
if(imageFile != null) {
  File _file = File(imageFile!.path);

Else you can also try reading the bytes if in any case your file path is inaccessible and create a new file object


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