What does Default Implementation of Python means in CPython?

I have started learning python and there’s a concept of flavors of python in which first is CPython and it’s defination is that it is default implementation of Python. Now here i don’t understand what it is trying to say, is that – full python is implemented in c language or is that only something is implemented of python in c language. Please figure out confusion among these.

>Solution :

There’s one group of developers which work on the Python language. The "Python language" could just be an abstract specification of how the language is supposed to behave, with no actual runnable project. But that’s not what those Python developers do; they produce the "Python language" both in the abstract as a series of suggestions and documentation, but they also implement that in the CPython language. CPython is an implementation of the Python language, written in C. "The Python language" in the abstract (specifications, documentation) and in its actual implementation in the form of CPython go hand in hand.

There are other groups of developers implementing alternative versions of the Python language; they behave the same (for the most part) in that they can execute Python code conforming to the abstract language definition, but the Python implementation is not the aforementioned CPython, but something else.

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