Sum 1 column based from date selection in Pandas

I am trying to figure out a way to do this sum in one line, or without having to create another dataframe in memory.

I have a DF with 3 columns. [‘DateCreated’, ‘InvoiceNumber’, ‘InvoiceAmount’]

I am trying to SUM the invoice amount during certain date ranges.

I have this working, but I want to do it without having to create a DF then sum the column. Any help is appreciated.

        yesterday_sales_df = df[(df['DateCreated'] > yesterday_date) & (df['DateCreated'] < tomorrow_date)]
        yesterday_sales_total = yesterday_sales_df['InvoiceAmount'].sum()


>Solution :

You can try with loc

yesterday_sales_total = df.loc[(df['DateCreated'] > yesterday_date) & (df['DateCreated'] < tomorrow_date), 'InvoiceAmount'].sum()

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